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GuangXin Li is a composer based out of Los Angeles best known for his music in theater productions and musicals. Working in many styles including jazz, rock, and orchestral, GuangXin’s music perfectly blends acoustic and synthetic textures to tell emotionally-rich and compelling stories. 

GuangXin first began his composition studies under Golden Bell Award recipient Owen Wang in Taiwan. Combing with the background in drama training GuangXin has a unique perspective on composition related to storytelling. His outstanding reputation has led him to write an original orchestral score for the Mandarin musical “:If There Is a Tomorrow.” Subsequently, GuangXin was invited to compose and produce music for “:Sanko’s Summer Vacation,” a theater project directed by Chia-Yin Cheng, as well as “:Those Glorious Old Days With Flying Fireworks” directed by Wan-Jung Wang. 

To further his career in music, GuangXin moved to America in 2019 and began his graduate studies at Columbia College Chicago under Kubilay Üner, Kazimir Boyle and Joel Corelitz and currently lives in Los Angeles. In addition to his ever increasing catalogue of film scores, GuangXin has continued to be an accomplished guitarist working on many projects in the United States and in Taiwan.


2021 Theater On The Edge of Reality, Original Score

2020 Theater Merry Christmas, Original Score

2020 Theater The Airship and Monsters, Original Score

2019 Theater Those Glorious Old Days with Flying Fireworks, Original Score

2018 Theater Chang’e Flying to the moon, Original Score 

2018 Theater A sparrow and A Banyan Tree, Original Score

2018 Theater Fort Zeelandia, Original Score 

2018 Theater The White Snake, Original Score

2018 Theater The Nian Monster, Original Score 

2017 Event Yilan City Zou Wang Puppet Parade Lantern Festival, Original Music

2016 Theater See you Again Kobayashi Village, Original Score

2016 Theater Sanko’s Summer Vacation, Original Score 

2016 Theater Visit Eternal Golden Castle, Original Score

2016 Theater The Musical - If There is a Tomorrow, Original Score

2016 Film Happy Birth Day, Original Score

2015 Theater I am Gruffalo, Original Score 

2014 Theater The Cattle Plow at Sunset, Original Score 

2013 Theater Legend of Kingdom Middag, Original Score